The Alternative F1 Championship.

OK, sometimes, the points don't go the right drivers, or aren't really given for the right things.

So, just to spice things up a bit here's an alternative look at things in Austria.

(Well I have to do something whilst I'm doing the bacon sandwiches!)


 10 pts DC, who did everything right and did it very well too. A masterful performance
 6 pts Kimi Raikkonen, who once again displayed great maturity and control.
4 pts Eddie Irvine, for at least bringing the Jag home and nearly in the points.
3 pts Mika Hakkinen for immaculate self control when he probably just wanted to make concrete overcoats for Ron and Norbert
2 pts JPM, for yet again telling Schumi, this ain't going to be easy buddy
1 pt Ron Dennis, for getting his words right in the post race press interview.
-10 pts  Rubinho, for wimping out and letting Schumi through
- 30 pts Schumi, for not having the good grace to say thanks in public. (Would have been - 50, but at least he managed to look uncomfortable in the press conference!)
-50 pts Jean Todt. What happened to racing Jean?
-100pts The Jordan sparks who managed to get his team forward by about 2 inches at the start